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    1414Create a new software and protocol item for the !StringTie pipeline. They should have `Type=Feature extraction` and `ExpressionType=StringTie`. Keep the `Add as project default` checkbox checked and the `Replace existing default` unchecked.
     16=== Create a new array design ===
     18A new array design should be created for representing the data generated by the !StringTie step. The array design should have `Platform=Sequencing/StringTie`. Upload the GTF file (''gencode.v27.primary_assembly.annotation_subset_transcripttype_proteincoding.gtf'') that !StringTie uses and attach is as the `GTF ref-seq` file to the new array design. Note! It may take a while to save due to parsing the GTF file. Please be patient!
     20=== Remove existing Hisat alignments ===
     22Existing Hisat alignments should be removed. There is no masking step before the alignment, and the genotyping is done with a shorter list (51) SNPs. Do not attempt to run the "Genotype quality control" wizard before the old alignments have been removed since this may lead to unpredictable results.
     24=== The QC_GenoTypeHET annotation type is no longer used ===
     26The `QC_GenoTypeHET` annotation type has been replaced with `QC_GenoTypeHET_PCT`. Once all alignments that uses this annotation has been deleted the annotation type can be removed.