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Added update notes for Reggie 4.15

Updating to Reggie 4.15

New StringTie pipeline in the Hisat secondary analysis

In reggie-config.xml the following changes are required:

  • In the <programs> section, a <stringtie> sub-section should be added with the full <path> to the StringTie executable.
  • A <stringtie> section with StringTie configuration parameters should be added. The configuration file shipped with Reggie should contain functional default values.

New annotation on feature extraction software and protocols

A new annotation type, ExpressionType has been added. Find existing software and protocols with Type=Feature extraction and set the ExpressionType annotation to Cufflinks.

Create a new software and protocol item for the StringTie pipeline. They should have Type=Feature extraction and ExpressionType=StringTie. Keep the Add as project default checkbox checked and the Replace existing default unchecked.

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