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Make it possible to use different volumes for different RNA in Create mRNA plate wizard

Reported by: Nicklas Nordborg Owned by: Nicklas Nordborg
Priority: major Milestone: Reggie v5.x
Component: net.sf.basedb.reggie Keywords:


The wizard currently have one base quantity for RNA and one quantity for RNA that should be used for QC. The quantities are applied globally and mixing volumes are re-calculated if either of the two quantities are changed.

It would sometimes be useful to be able to take different quantities from different RNA items. The wizard need to be changed:

  • Changes to the quantities are not applied to already placed RNA.
  • The right-click menu should have an option to change the quantity for an already placed RNA.
  • A "Use for QC" flag need to be stored as an annotation on the mRNA item since the current implementation assumes that QC should be done for all items with a quantity larger than the lowest on the plate.

A possible workaround is to manually change the "used quantity" for an mRNA item after the wizard has been completed. The side-effect is that if the quantity is made larger the "Use for QC" flag is set for that item, and if the quantity is lowed, the "Use for QC" flag is set for all other items.

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