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BASE1 plugin - Transformation: Merge replicates

Reported by: Jari Häkkinen Owned by: Jari Häkkinen
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Old request found in the attic among a lot of dust and cobweb.

Would it be possible to add a feature to this plugin? Allow the user to select to import only one of replicated features. As stated the default (and current version) will not reduce the number of features. Rather, replicated features will both get the average value, i.e., the same ch1 and ch2 (identical values). This mode should remain and be default, e.g., keep replicated features. The alternative setting would be "keep one of replicated features".

The implementation could select the first of replicated features and keep this but discard remaining replicates (select feature with lowest position/feature ID). The implementation would thus retain connection to rawdata for the kept feature.

A nice touch would be to save the feature IDs of the discarded replicated features as an extra value. Alternatively, save this info in a log-file.

There might also (possibly) be of value to have the option to assign new positions to the kept features, e.g., from -1 and down. If made available, this option would render the pending plugin "virtual array" obsolete. (This would of course require that the entire bioassayset is checked so that generated reporter-positions are unique per reporter, i.e., after the transformation a reporter only has one unique position within the bioassayset.)

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