popLowess is a method to normalize array-CGH data described in

Normalization of array-CGH data: influence of copy number imbalances
J. Staaf, G. Jönsson, M. Ringnér and J. Vallon-Christersson
BMC Genomics 8:382 (2007)
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The popLowess software is available as a stand-alone software package, or as a plug-in to BASE, under the GNU General Public License.

Download popLowess

Download the latest BASE plugin release (popLowess-1.0).
Download the latest stand-alone release (popLowess-1.0.2).
Previous versions can be in the Attachments section below.


  • The handling of data sets with no missing values has thanks to feedback from Wen Fong been improved in stand-alone popLowess in version 1.0.2.


If you have suggestions, comments or bug reports, please send an email to johan.staaf .., at ,..

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