MAGE-TAB exporter plug-in for BASE

From BASE experiment the plug-in exports the experimental metadata in the MAGE-TAB format. Executed on an experiment in BASE, the plug-in generates an SDRF and IDF files (see the MAGE-TAB specification at with experiment's metadata, and an archive containing raw data files.

The plug-in was developed and tested with BASE 2.16.1. BASE 2.17.x versions should also be fine. If you are able to use the plug-in with earlier versions of BASE, please let the developer know.


Readme.txt describes how to install the plug-in, and how to use it. It also contains a handful of tips describing how to get the most of the plug-in's features.


GNU General Public License version 3.


Version Revision Date Binary (tar.gz) BASE Version*
0.9 1481 November 29, 2011 MageTabExporter-0.9.tar.gz (64kB) 2.16.1

* version of BASE the plugin was tested on

Source code can be downloaded from the subversion repository. Use the following command to get source code for the 0.9 version:

svn co MageTabExporter


Please use the BASE mailing lists for discussions about the plug-in. You have to login to this trac environment to be able to report bugs, enhancement ideas, and feature requests. Login with userid base and password base and use the ticket reporting system.


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