Skin collection extension for BASE

This package is an extension package to BASE that adds a couple of alternate skins to BASE.

  • Gold skin: Replaces the default grayish colors with a more golden look.
  • Test server: Adds a semi-transparent background image that says "Test server"
  • Server ID: Adds a small text notice with the server name + URL to the menu bar and popup dialogs to make it easier to identify the server. Combine this with the "Test server" skin for a more prominent look. The notice can be configured in the Extensions ›› Skin options menu.


  • The README contains information about this package, how to install it and how to compile it.
  • Screenshots.


GNU General Public License version 3.


Version Revision Date Binary (tar.gz) BASE Version
1.2 6226 May 5, 2021 skin-collection-1.2.tar.gz (42kB) 3.18.1 or later changelog
1.1 3074 January 14, 2015 skin-collection-1.1.tar.gz (41kB) 3.4.0 or later changelog
1.0 3306 December 4, 2014 skin-collection-1.0.tar.gz (41kB) 3.4.0 or later changelog
Last modified 3 years ago Last modified on May 5, 2021, 8:35:06 AM

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