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Added update note about ticket #906

Updating to Reggie 4.7

The following steps should be made after updating Reggie

1. Create storage boxes for a second extraction from Lysate

Ticket #908 adds support for making a second extraction from the lysate that is remaining after the first extraction. The new RNA, DNA and FlowThrough that is produced can't be placed according to the normal storage box rules since those positions are already used by the extracts from the first extraction. Instead Reggie will look for storage boxes prefixed with Extra. These storage boxes must be created manually. To begin with the following boxes should be created:

  • ExtraLys001
  • ExtraRNA001
  • ExtraDNA001
  • ExtraFT001

All boxes should have the ususal 9x9 geometry and it is recommended that a freezer location is specified.

2. Assign external ID values to patient, cases, blood, specimen and nospecimen items

Ticket #906 is assigning unique external ID values to all patients, cases, blood, specimen and nospecimen items. The external ID is a text value consisting of a single-letter prefix and six digits.

Item type Prefix
Patient Q
Case C
Blood B
Specimen & NoSpecimen S

All existing items need to be assigned external ID values. A simple procedure is to export 4 data files with the internal ID of each item. One file for patients, one file for cases, one file for blood and one file for specimen and nospecimen items. Use a spreadsheet program to add a second column with auto-generated external ID values. Import the text files back into BASE using the built-in batch importer plug-ins.

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