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     1= Updating to Reggie 4.6 =
     3The following steps should be made after updating Reggie.
     5== 1. Add user accounts to the 'SCAN-B Lab' group ==
     7Due to the "Report delivery system" (#891) the update has removed the `Everyone` group from using the web client. The `SCAN-B Lab` group has been created as a replacement and must be used instead. User accounts that need to access BASE/Reggie via the regular web client interface must thus be added to the `SCAN-B Lab` group. The ROOT user and other `Administrator` accounts are not affected.
     10== 2. Setting up user accounts for the report delivery client ==
     12User accounts that are created for the report delivery client should be configured according to the specification below:
     14 * Member of the `Guest` role
     15 * Member of the `SCAN-B Delivery` group AND one site-specific group (eg. `Malmö`, `Lund` or any other site)
     16 * A !YubiKey is required for logging in with the delivery client
     18The delivery client login page is available at the location `<root>/extensions/reggie.jar/delivery/index.jsp`, where `<root>` is the regular BASE web client login. For example: `https://base.server.domain/base/extensions/reggie.jar/delivery/index.jsp`.