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Added wiki page with update notes for Reggie 4.6

Updating to Reggie 4.6

The following steps should be made after updating Reggie.

1. Add user accounts to the 'SCAN-B Lab' group

Due to the "Report delivery system" (#891) the update has removed the Everyone group from using the web client. The SCAN-B Lab group has been created as a replacement and must be used instead. User accounts that need to access BASE/Reggie via the regular web client interface must thus be added to the SCAN-B Lab group. The ROOT user and other Administrator accounts are not affected.

2. Setting up user accounts for the report delivery client

User accounts that are created for the report delivery client should be configured according to the specification below:

  • Member of the Guest role
  • Member of the SCAN-B Delivery group AND one site-specific group (eg. Malmö, Lund or any other site)
  • A YubiKey is required for logging in with the delivery client

The delivery client login page is available at the location <root>/extensions/reggie.jar/delivery/index.jsp, where <root> is the regular BASE web client login. For example: https://base.server.domain/base/extensions/reggie.jar/delivery/index.jsp.

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