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     1= Updating to Reggie 2.9 =
     3Updating to Reggie 2.9 requires a manual update to the 'creation date' for all `Blood` samples. Due to a bug (see #429) the sampling date was only stored in the `BloodSamplingDateTime` annotation and the 'creation date' was left empty. The correct behavior which was fixed by #429 is to store the date part also in the 'creation date' field.
     5Follow this procedure:
     7== 1. Update to Reggie 2.9 ==
     9== 2. Export a tab-separated file with at least the Name and `BloodSamplingDateTime` values ==
     11 * Go to the samples list page and filter on `Blood` items. Make sure that no other filter is present.
     12 * Export the ID and `BloodSamplingDateTime` values. Save the file on the BASE file system.
     14== 3. Import the tab-separated file to update the 'creation date' ==
     16 * Use the 'Sample importer' wizard and select the file that was created by the export.
     17 * The 'Mode' parameter can be set to 'update' just in case...
     18 * Use the 'Test with file' function to set up column mappings for the 'Name' and 'Created' properties.
     20If all goes well, the dates should now have been copied from the `BloodSamplingDateTime` annotation to
     21the 'creation date' property.