Updating to Reggie 2.9

Updating to Reggie 2.9 requires a manual update to the 'creation date' for all Blood samples. Due to a bug (see #429) the sampling date was only stored in the BloodSamplingDateTime annotation and the 'creation date' was left empty. The correct behavior which was fixed by #429 is to store the date part also in the 'creation date' field.

Follow this procedure:

1. Update to Reggie 2.9

2. Export a tab-separated file with at least the ID and BloodSamplingDateTime values

  • Go to the samples list page and filter on Blood items. Make sure that no other filter is present.
  • Export the ID and BloodSamplingDateTime values. Save the file on the BASE file system.

3. Import the tab-separated file to update the 'creation date'

  • Use the 'Sample importer' wizard and select the file that was created by the export.
  • The 'Mode' parameter can be set to 'update' just in case...
  • Use the 'Test with file' function to set up column mappings for the 'InternalId' and 'Created' properties.

If all goes well, the dates should now have been copied from the BloodSamplingDateTime annotation to the 'creation date' property.

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