INCA XML to CSV converter

This package is a standalone desktop Java program for converting an XML file exported from INCA to a tab-separated CSV file. The program will also filter out sensitive information that we are not allowed to access.


  • JRE 8 is required
  • See README for more information.


GNU Affero General Public License version 3.


Version Revision Date Binary (tar.gz) Binary (zip) Reggie Version
1.3 7062 March 14, 2023 IncaXml2Csv-1.3.tar.gz (39kB) (38kB) 4.44 changelog
1.2 4765 April 17, 2018 IncaXml2Csv-1.2.tar.gz (39kB) - 4.16 changelog
1.1 4193 October 31, 2016 IncaXml2Csv-1.1.tar.gz (39kB) - 4.7 changelog
1.0 3965 May 20, 2016 IncaXml2Csv-1.0.tar.gz (37kB) - 4.4 changelog

Source code can be downloaded from the subversion repository. Use the following command to get source code for the 1.3 version:

svn co inca-xml2csv-1.3

The latest development (maybe unstable; do not use on a production server) revision can be checked out from the repository using the following command:

svn co inca-xml2csv-dev


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