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Welcome to the BASE plug-ins site

The new plug-in page is now up and running. Well, the first version anyway. We have made a lot of thinking to ensure that a hardware crash won't cause such a problem again. The most obvious security measure is backup. We have that now ... But why stop there? If we are going to recreate the plug-in site, is there anything we can do to make the site more useful to developers and users? Yes there is, and the answer is version control and bug tracking.

The bugtracking system that we decided to use is called Trac. Trac allows BASE users to submit bug reports or suggest new functionality to plug-ins. Choose New Ticket in the menu bar and follow the instructions.

To support plug-in development we use subversion. Everyone is allowed anonymous checkout (SubversionCheckout) of the plug-ins available whereas plug-in developers can be given commit access to a designated directory in the repository.

Want to be a submitter?

If you have a plug-in you want to submit just send your plug-in to Johan Enell following the PluginSubmitReq.

Want to be a developer?

If you want to be a plug-in developer with commit access to the repository just contact Jari Häkkinen and he will hook you up.

Want to be a downloader?

If you have a base installation running just waiting for new advanced tools for analysis you will find them all on the download page.


Please use the BASE mailing lists for discussions about plug-ins. You should use the ticketing system to report bugs, enhancement ideas, and feature requests.

Mailing lists

There are three Sourceforge hosted mailing lists for the BASE project. Please use them also for plugin issues.

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.