Requirements for submitting a plugin

  • Name and contact information of contributor(s)
    • e-mail, url etc
  • Description
    • A oneliner that can be used in a table
    • A longer for that plug-ins page
    • If it is an update a change-history may be more useful
  • Package file (zip, tar.gz ...)
    • Filename format: <plug-in name>-<version>
    • Plug-in configuration file
    • A readme containing at least requirements and installation instructions
    • The plug-in code: source and/or compiled

We would like to categorize the plug-ins so try to choose a category that best fits your plug-in. If your plug-in doesn't fit any of the categories you can invent your own or don't bother since this is optional. Visit the download page to see the categories that are currently used.

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