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    11See #1050.
     3 * Implement possibility to flag and add/modify comments when scheduling re-extractions. Since it takes about a week or more to get the result it is good to be able keep some information about why the re-extraction was made in the first place.
     5 * Introduce a `DoNotUse` flag that should be set on the top-most item that is considered incorrect. The top-most item is typically a Specimen, Lysate, RNA or Library. The flag should then be copied downstreams to all child items. A `DoNotUseComment` that goes along with the flag is probably also a good idea.
     7 * Alignments that are flagged as `DoNotUse` should be removed from the `Flagged alignments` list and disabled for future genotype checks. Remaining items in the list should be checked again and items that no longer get any genotype warning should also be removed.
     9 * A lot of other wizards need to be updated to check the `DoNotUse` flag. For example:
     10  - When manually selecting RNA for library preparation a warning should be displayed.
     11  - Demuxing should skip flagged libraries. The rules for generating warnings, etc. need to be updated.
     12  - and more...