Updating to Reggie 4.9

  • Before starting the update, make sure that no sequencing or analysis jobs are running on the Open Grid cluster. Updating Reggie while there are jobs running will cause auto-analyze and auto-confirm to not detect that jobs have ended and information that is usually imported to BASE will not be imported.
  • Move some configuration settings from reggie-config.xml to opengrid-config.xml.
    • Each <host> entry in reggie-config.xml should have a corresponding <cluster> entry in opengrid-config.xml. The name, address, port, user and password attributes can be copied as is. The public-key attribute has been renamed to fingerprint. The type attribute is no longer used.
    • In reggie-config.xml replace all attributes in <host> tags with an id attribute that is referencing the entry in opengrid-config.xml. The ID is composed of user, address and port like: user@address:port.
    • The following sub-tags should also be moved: <job-folder>, <tmp-folder>, <tmp-folder-debug> and <nodes>.

  • Go to Administrate -> Services and restart the Open Grid Scheduler service. Check that it is able to connect to the configured Open Grid cluster(s) by clicking on the Configure icon.
  • Install Reggie 4.9 and run the installation wizard.

  • Check that the Reggie -> Open Grid Scheduler hosts wizard is able to connect and display information about the configured Open Grid Cluster(s). The Configured for Reggie column should have status Yes.
Last modified 22 months ago Last modified on Feb 1, 2017, 3:27:47 PM