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Annotation Type and Cv Importer

Short description

Import annotation type and controlled vocabularies from a simple flat file into BASE

Long description

This plugin accepts a list of annotation type and controlled vocabularies in a simple flat file and imports the file into base. The plugin is started from BASE 2 Annotation Type list page. Administrate - > Types - >Annotation Types. Existing annotation


Base 2.0 and above


The README.txt contains information on how to install and use the plug-in.

Sample Flat File

sample flat file

Maintenance plan

Bugs will be fixed.


GNU General Public License version 2.


Dominic Oyeniran – European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK
Project Page
email: oyeniran@…

Philippe Rocca-Serra – European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK, Net-Project technical coordinator.
email: rocca@…


plugin jar file: AnnotationTypeCvImporter.jar

Dependent jar

utils jar file: ebi-plugins-utils.jar