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Affymetrix Array Design Batch Importer

Short description

Batch imports affymetrix files and creates Array Design in BASE.

Long description

This plugin uses as input a zipped archive containing any number of Affymetrix CDF, CLF or BPMAP files. The plugin is started from BASE 2 Array Design list page. Array LIMS->ArrayDesigns. The plugin will do the unpacking, create the array designs using the Affymetrix file names and also attach the relevant cdf, clf or bpmap files to the newly created array design. If an array design already exists, the plug-in skips the cdf, bpmap or clf file and no new array design is created.

Please note that only users with an administrator role may execute this plugin.


Base 2.2 and above


The README.txt contains information on how to install and use the plug-in.

Maintenance plan

Bugs will be fixed. Ideally, the plugin should be extended to other commercial platforms (eg Agilent, Nimblegen..)


GNU General Public License version 2.


Dominic Oyeniran – European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK
Project Page
email: oyeniran@…

Philippe Rocca-Serra – European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK, Net-Project technical coordinator.
email: rocca@…



We would like to thank:

Misha Bayer <sbrn@…> at the Plant Bioinformatics Group, Scottish Crop Research Institute whose batchimporter was used and adapted to develop the AffyArrayDesignImporter plugin.


plugin jar file: AffyArrayDesignBatchImporter.jar

Dependent jar

utils jar file: ebi-plugins-utils.jar

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