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Adding use instructions for YubiKey? extension

How to use the YubiKey authentication extension

Assign YubiKeys to users

  1. To begin with all users can login using their regular login/password combination. To assign a YubiKey to a user, the BASE administrator should locate that user in the Administrate->Users list and open the edit dialog.
  1. Switch to the YubiKey tab. This should state that no YubiKey is enabled for the account. Pick a new YubiKey from the stock of YubiKeys and insert into a USB port.
  1. Make sure that the YubiKey one-time-password field has the focus and then touch the YubiKey button to generate a one-time-password. The password is sent to the YubiCloud for verification.
  1. If the verification is successful the dialog should switch to reflect the fact that the account is now YubiKey-enabled. Take out the YubiKey and enter the serial number into the Serial # field (optional). Save!