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     1= Installing the !YubiKey authentication extension =
     3== Installation and updating ==
     5 1. Download the latest `yubikey-x.y.tar.gz` file from the [wiki:net.sf.basedb.yubikey YubiKey main page].
     6 2. Unpack the downloaded file to a directory of your choice.
     7 3. If this is a FIRST-TIME INSTALLATION go through the step below
     8 4. Copy the `yubikey.jar` file to your BASE plug-ins directory. Look in your
     9    `base.config` file if you don't know where this is.
     10 5. Log in to BASE as an administrator and go to the '''Administrate->Plug-ins & Extensions->Overview''' page.
     11 6. Run the installation wizard and select to install `yubikey.jar`.
     12 7. Done
     17Before installing the !YubiKey extension for the first time there are a few configuration steps
     18that must be performed. Unless otherwise noted, these steps only need to be done the first time.
     20=== A. Generate a key for use with the Yubico Web Services ===
     22Without this key the extension is not allowed to validate passwords against the !YubiCloud.
     24 1. Go to and follow the instructions.
     25 2. Store the generated KEY and CLIENT_ID in the `` file
     26    that was included with this extension.
     27 3. Move or copy the `` file to the `WEB-INF/classes`
     28    directory of your BASE installation.
     30=== B. Update the BASE database with some additional columns in the users table ===
     32 1. Move or copy the `yubikey-extended-properties.xml` file to the `WEB-INF/classes/extended-properties` directory.
     33 2. Shut down the BASE server including any job agents.
     34 3. Run the `` script shipped with the BASE installation. This should create additional column in the `Users` table that are used to store !YubiKey-related information.
     35 4. Restart the BASE server and job agents.