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WebAuthn authentication extension

This package is an extension package to BASE that adds support for authenticating users using security keys implementing the WebAuthn protocol.



GNU Affero General Public License version 3


No releases yet!

The latest development (maybe unstable; do not use on a production server) revision can be checked out from the repository using the following command:

svn co webauthn-dev


After making modifications to the source code, compose a clear and concise log message to describe those changes and the reasons for them. Then, send an email to the developers list containing your log message and the output of svn diff (from the top of your subversion working copy). If the community members consider your changes acceptable, someone who has commit privileges will add your changes to the public source code tree. Recall that permission to directly commit changes to the repository is granted on merit - if you demonstrate comprehension of subversion, programming competency, and a team spirit, you will likely be awarded that permission.


Implement an login extension for WebAuthn

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