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Added updated notes for Relax 1.4

Updating to Relax 1.4

The following steps should be done after installing Relax 1.4

Create Lysate items between RNA and Specimen

The data model has been updated with a Lysate item type that sits between the Specimen and RNA items in the old model (see #1072). Lysate items need to be created and properly linked with the existing Specimen and RNA items. Some annotations also need to be moved from the existing RNA items to the Lysate items.

The Relax installation wizard contains a function for doing this. When you enter the installation wizard it will most likely complain about some missing subtypes and annotation type, etc. After fixing this the installation wizard should display a note about the number of RNA items that are linked to Specimen items and a button Create Lysate and re-link RNA. Click on this button and wait for the installation wizard to finish. It will take some time for it to finish but it will save the results at regular intervals so if there is a problem it should be possible to re-start and try again.

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