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Added update note for Relax 1.4 related to the FirstReleasedIn annotation


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    2020The categories also need to be shared to the releases (=projects) that they are used in. For the `Cufflinks` category this typically means that it should be shared with READ permission to all existing projects and for the `StringTie` category that is should be shared to the 4.0 project.
     23=== Populate the !FirstReleasedIn annotation ===
     25This step is optional. The `FirstReleasedIn` is not critical for any functionality in Relax.
     27The `FirstReleasedIn` annotation type was introduced by #1090. The release importer plug-in will automatically set a value for new items that are created. Existing items will not get a value unless it is added manually. It should be possible to do with the help of a batch export and import process. Exporting a tab-separated file with at least the "ID" (internal) and "Shared to" columns should be enough. From the data in the "Shared to" column it should be possible to determine the value of the `FirstReleasedIn` annotation using, for example, a smart script or a spreadsheet program. The resulting file can then be uploaded to BASE and imported with the "Annotation importer" plug-in. The process need to be repeated once for each main item type: BIOSOURCE, SAMPLE, EXTRACT, DERIVEDBIOASSAY and RAWBIOASSAY.