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Installing the Relax package

Installation and updating

  1. Download the latest relax-x.y.tar.gz file from the Relax main page.
  2. Unpack the downloaded file to a directory of your choice.
  3. Copy the relax.jar file to your BASE plug-ins directory. Look in your base.config file if you don't know where this is.
  4. Copy the config/relax-config.xml to your WEB-INF\classes\ directory. The <server-mode> element can be set to either RELAX (the default) or LEVEL3 depending on the type of server your are installing.
  5. Log in to BASE as an administrator and go to the Administrate->Plug-ins & Extensions->Overview page.
  6. Run the installation wizard and select to install relax.jar.
  7. Refresh your menu entries with BASE -> Reload permissions
  8. Go to the Extensions -> Relax (admin) menu. It should display some warnings and error messages. Click on the Create missing items button to fix most of them.
  9. You'll also need to configure file server access to be able to access the files exported from Reggie.
  10. Done.

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