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     1= Updating to Reggie 4.9 =
     4 * '''Before starting the update''', make sure that no sequencing or analysis jobs are running on the Open Grid cluster. Updating Reggie while there are jobs running will cause auto-analyze and auto-confirm to not detect that jobs have ended and information that is usually imported to BASE will not be imported.
     6 * Install the [wiki:net.sf.basedb.opengrid Open Grid Scheduler extension].
     8 * Move some configuration settings from `reggie-config.xml` to `opengrid-config.xml`.
     9  - Each `<host>` entry in `reggie-config.xml` should have a corresponding `<cluster>` entry in `opengrid-config.xml`. The `name`, `address`, `port`, `user` and `password` attributes can be copied as is. The `public-key` attribute has been renamed to `fingerprint`. The `type` attribute is no longer used.
     10  - In `reggie-config.xml` replace all attributes in `<host>` tags with an `id` attribute that is referencing the entry in `opengrid-config.xml`. The ID is composed of user, address and port like: `user@address:port`.
     11  - The following sub-tags should also be moved: `<job-folder>`, `<tmp-folder>`, `<tmp-folder-debug>` and `<nodes>`.
     13 * Install Reggie 4.9 and run the installation wizard.
     15* Check that the "Open Grid Scheduler hosts" wizard is able to connect and display information about the configured Open Grid Cluster(s).