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Adding update notes for Reggie 4.21

Updating to Reggie 4.21

1. Assign release ID values to No, Not asked, Retract and RetroNo items

Ticket #1077 is assigning unique release ID values to all biosource items that are not patient items. The release ID is a text value consisting of a single-letter prefix and six digits.

Item type Prefix Note
No & RetroNo N
Not asked Z
Retract R Existing items that have a Qnnn external id should also be updated

All existing items need to be assigned external ID values. A simple procedure is to export 3 data files with the internal ID of each item. One file for No and RetroNo items, one file for Not asked items, and one file for Retract items. Use a spreadsheet program to add a second column with auto-generated release ID values. Import the text files back into BASE using the built-in batch importer plug-ins. It is of course also possible to do this with a single file. Just make sure that the correct prefix is used for each of the item types.

Note! This can be done before or after Reggie is updated. Just make sure that no other user is creating new items during this process.

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