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     1= Updating to Reggie 4.16 =
     3The steps below doesn't have to be done immediately when updating to Reggie 4.16. Note however that wizards that works with INCA data may not behave as expected until the INCA 2 data is in place. This includes:
     5 * The '''Inca import''' and '''Inca statistics''' wizards
     6 * The '''Release exporter''' plug-in
     7 * The '''Reference date''' batch update wizard
     9=== Remove existing INCA annotations ===
     11It is recommended that existing INCA annotations are removed from all items and that all INCA annotation types are deleted. To do this a number of steps are required:
     13 1. Export a file with the ID of all Case items.
     14 2. Export a file with the Name of all INCA annotation types. Use `INCA\_%` as a filter for the name column.
     15 3. Create a third file by merging the two files. The first line should contain `ID` followed by all annotation types names (tab-separated). The remaining lines should contain the ID of the Case items. It is not necessary to fill up with tabs. For example:
     16 4. Use the resulting file with the "Annotation importer" plug-in. Make sure that:
     17   - 'Internal ID' is used for mapping to existing items
     18   - 'Remove existing' option is checked
     19   - The plug-in should find INCA annotation types automatically
     20 5. Run the plug-in to remove all existing INCA annotations.
     21 6. Go to '''Administrate -> Types -> Annotation types'''. It should now be possible to delete all `INCA_` annotation types. Don't forget to remove them from the Trashcan.
     23=== Create INCA2 annotation types ===
     25The `/home/SCANB/BatchUpdateFiles/inca2_definitions_all.txt` file contains annotation type definitions for all INCA2 variables. Use the '''Annotation type importer''' to create them.
     27=== Import new INCA data ===
     29Use the Reggie '''INCA import''' wizard to import new INCA data. The wizard need to be used twice. One time with the regular INCA data and one time with the follow-up data.