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Create update notes for Reggie 4.13

Updating to Reggie 4.13

Genotyping with HaplotypeCaller in the Hisat pipeline

In reggie-config.xml the following changes are required:

  • In the <programs> section, a <java> sub-section should be added with the full <path> to a Java executable. It must be at least Java 8 since GATK will not work with earlier versions.
  • In the <align-hisat> section, three new configuration options need to be added:
  • <haplotypecaller-ref>: Path to FASTA file used to create the reference that Hisat is aligning against
  • <haplotypecaller-dbsnp>: Path to a VCF file with SNP definitions that we are looking for
  • <haplotypecaller-options>: Other static options for the HaploypeCaller

Note that all paths are relative the <reference-dir> directory.

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