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Clarifying role membership

Updating to Reggie 2.14

The following items should be performed after updating to Reggie 2.14.

1. Assign roles to users

The index page has been locked down so that a user must be member of a certain role or group in order to access certain functionality. The new Roles are:

  • SamplePrep: All wizards in the Sample processing wizards section
  • Histology: All wizards in the Histology wizards section
  • LibraryPrep: All wizards in the Library preparation wizards except Create new mRNA plate
  • LibraryPlateDesigner: The Create new mRNA plate wizard
  • SecondaryAnalysis: For future use

Since before the following also existed:

  • Administrator: Access to all wizards
  • PatientCurator (group): All wizards in the Personal information wizards section

NOTE! In addition to the roles mentioned above, a user must also be a member of one of the default roles defined by BASE. Typically the User role, but Guest may be sufficient in some cases (for using wizards that don't create new items, for example lab protocol wizards and the histology scoring wizard)


  • Administrator only need membership in the Administrator role to get access to everything.

Users that are not member of any of the roles will not be able to use Reggie, except for the Statistics and reporting wizards.

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