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Adding note about fixing missing consent annotations on cases


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    2828 6. Save the results as a tab-separated file and upload it to BASE.
    2929 7. Use the annotation importer to update the '''!PoolConc''' values.
     31=== 4. Copy missing consent information from blood to case items ===
     33Due to a bug (see #511) consent information that has already been registered on blood samples with '''!BloodSample=!PreNeo''' has not been copied to cases that was registered at a later time. To fix this a manual crossmatch is required to find which cases are missing consent information that is available on a blood item.
     35 1. Find all cases with missing consent information. Export a list with the case names to a tab-separated file.
     36 2. Find all '''!PreNeo''' blood items that has consent information. Export the blood name, '''Consent''' and '''!ConsentDate''' columns to a tab-separated file.
     37 3. Use a spreadsheet program to crossmatch the case names with the blood names.
     38 4. Copy the found consent information to new columns in the list with cases.
     39 5. Save the result as a tab-separated file and upload it to BASE.
     40 6. Use the annotation importer to import values for '''Consent''' and '''!ConsentDate''' to the cases.