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    2525 7. Use the annotation importer to update the '''!PoolConc''' values.
    27 === 3. Copy missing consent information from blood to case items ===
     28=== 3. Register all *.dil extracts as destroyed ===
     30A decision was made to not store `*.dil` items after the pool has been created. Reggie has been updated to register this as an event attached to the `*.dil` items that remove all remaining quantity. Unfortunately there is no batch importer support for events, so existing `*.dil` items need to be fixed manually one by one.
     32 1. To find the libraries in question go to the '''Biomaterial LIMS->Extracts''' page and filter on '''name=%.dil''' and '''Remaining quantity>0'''
     33 2. Click on each one, copy the '''Original quantity''' value and then go to the '''Events''' tab.
     34 3. Create a new event and paste the copied value into the '''Used quantity''' field.
     35 4. Save, and repeat for all `*.dil` items in the main list.
     37=== 4. Copy missing consent information from blood to case items ===
    2939Due to a bug (see #511) consent information that has already been registered on blood samples with '''!BloodSample=!PreNeo''' has not been copied to cases that was registered at a later time. To fix this a manual crossmatch is required to find which cases are missing consent information that is available on a blood item.
    3646 6. Use the annotation importer to import values for '''Consent''' and '''!ConsentDate''' to the cases.
    38 === 4. Copy missing !QiaCube annotations to !FlowThrough items ===
     48=== 5. Copy missing !QiaCube annotations to !FlowThrough items ===
    4050Due to a bug (see #520) the four !QiaCube annotations (!QiacubeDate !QiacubeOperator !QiacubePosition !QiacubeRunNo) was never set on !FlowThrough items. The values are available on related RNA and DNA items, so it is easy to fix using a batch import.