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Adding updgrade instructions related to #451

Updating to Reggie 2.10

Updating to Reggie 2.10 requires a manual update to the 'tray' and 'position' fields for all bioplates with type 'FFPE block' and 'HE glass'. The simplest way to find those are to search for 'PB%' and 'HE%' in the name column and a non-empty description column. The description text should have a generic text about the storage location.

  • For paraffin blocks, the 'box number' should be extracted and copied to the 'tray' field.
  • For HE glass the 'box number' should be extracted and stored in the 'tray' field, and the position number should be extracted and stored in the 'position' field.

It should not be too difficult to export a tab-separated text file with the required data, modify it and upload it to BASE again. Use the bioplate batch importer to update the 'tray' and 'position' values.

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