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     1= How to use the OTP login extension =
     3== Configuring OTP login for a user ==
     5Note that this is something that each user need to do themselves. This can't be done by the server administrator. A smartphone or similar device that has the capability to read a barcode is needed. The device must also be able to run some an app for generating one-time passwords. For example, the [ FreeOTP] app is available for both Anroid and iOS.
     7 1. Go the login page of the BASE installation.
     8 2. Click on the link for setting up OTP. A popup dialog window should be opened.
     9 3. Fill in your username in the '''Login''' field and your password in the '''Password''' field.
     10 4. A QR code should automatically be generated. Use the OTP app on your device to scan the QR code. It should
     11    automatically configure a record with the settings that are needed.
     12 5. You also have the possibility to change your password, but this is an optional step.
     13 6. Let the OTP app generate a one-time passcode. Enter it in the '''One-time passcode''' field.
     14 7. Click on '''Save'''.
     15 8. If something goes wrong and you have to start over you should delete the entry in your OTP app before restarting the setup.
     17== Logging in ==
     19Once a user has configured OTP (see below), that user must always login with OTP.
     21 1. Type in the regular username in the '''Login''' field.
     22 2. Use the configured device (eg. smartphone) to generate the one-time passcode. It should be 6 digits.
     23 3. Type the number into the '''One-time passcode''' field and click '''Login'''.
     24 4. Note the regular password is not needed.
     26== Remove OTP from a user account ==
     28This can only be done by a server administrator.
     30 1. Go to the ''Administrate->Users''' list, locate the user and and open the edit dialog.
     31 2. Switch to the '''Additional info''' tab, and clear the '''OTP Key''' field.
     32 3. Save.