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    247247== Advanced usage ==
     249=== Uploading data files as part of a !JobDefinition ===
     251The `JobDefinition` that is used for submitting a job to an Open Grid Cluster has the ability to upload files that are needed for the job. This is done by calling the `JobDefinition.addFile()` which need an `UploadSource` object as a parameter. The `UploadSource` is an interface but we have provided several implementations that wraps, for example, a `String`, a BASE `File` item or an `InputStream`.
     253Note that calling the `JobDefinition.addFile()` method doesn't start the upload immediately. The upload happens in the `OpenGridSession.qsub()` method. The file is placed in the subfolder to the `<job-folder>` that has been created for the job.
     255=== Connecting to non-Open Grid servers ===
     257The connection made to Open Grid Clusters is a regular SSH connection. There is really nothing that is special about the connection itself. This means that it is possible to connect to more or less any server that supports SSH. It doesn't matter if the servers is running an Open Grid Cluster or not. Note that servers that are defined in the `opengrid-config.xml` are expected to be Open Grid Cluster servers and the `OpenGridService` implementation will try to call Open Grid commands on them.
     259However, it is possible to programmatically create a `ConnectionInfo` instance and use it for creating a `RemoteHost` object. From this you can connect to the server by with the `RemoteHost.connect()` method which returns a `RemoteSession` object. It is very similar to what can be done with `OpenGridCluster`/`OpenGridSession` objects, except that the special methods for calling Open Grid Cluster commands are not available.
     261Tip! It is possible to create `ConnectionInfo` instance from a BASE `FileServer` item (assuming that the file server contains all required information for connecting via SSH: host, fingerprint, username and password).