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Apr 13, 2018, 1:46:30 PM (6 years ago)
Nicklas Nordborg

References #1036. Documented the new configuration options for using private key files


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    2727|| fingerprint || yes || SSH fingerprint. Either the MD5 hash formatted as a 16 two-digit hexadecimal numbers separated with ':', or (since 1.1) the SHA-256 hash in Base64-enocding. ||
    2828|| user || yes || Username to use when connecting to the Open Grid Cluster. ||
    29 || password ||yes || Password to use when connecting to the Open Grid Cluster. ||
     29|| password || no || Password to use when connecting to the Open Grid Cluster. Optional since version 1.2, which added support for private key files. ||
     44Access to the Open Grid Cluster is via SSH and since version 1.2 we support both username+password and private key authentication. In the former case a username and password must be specified in the `<cluster>` tag. The latter case is enabled by including a sub-tag `<key-file>`. The value should be the full path to a file containing a SSH private key. The following attributes are defined for the `<key-file>` tag:
     46|| '''Attribute''' || '''Required''' || '''Description''' ||
     47|| type || no || If not specified, the type is auto-detected. An explicit type may  be specified: `OpenSSH`, `OpenSSHv1`, `PuTTY`, `PKCS5` or `PKCS8` ||
     48|| password || no || If the private key is password-protected, it must be specified. ||
    4457You may add as many `<cluster>` tags as you like if you have more than one Open Grid Cluster or if you want to configure access for multiple users to the same cluster. The only restriction is that the combination of `user`, `address` and `port` must be unique. Internally, an ID for each definition is created by combining the three values. Note that the port number is always included even if it is not present in the configuration file. The example about will get an ID like ``. The ID is important since this is what other extensions have to use in order to find the correct Open Grid Cluster and to be able to connect to it and submit jobs.