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Sep 9, 2022, 9:51:12 AM (21 months ago)
Nicklas Nordborg

Documenting the new <slurm-accounting-disabled> options introduced in #1408.


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    7070|| `<job-agent-id>` || no || || Links the cluster to a job agent that is defined in BASE via the external ID. When this value exists the job agent is used as a proxy for access permissions. BASE users need to have USE permission for the job agent in order to use the cluster. Note that the job agent is not used for anything else. Do not set a server and/or port. The job agent software should not be installed on the cluster. Clusters that are not linked to a job agent proxy can be used by all users. ||
    7171|| `<nodes>` || no || || A list with one or more `<node name="..." />` elements identifying individual nodes in the cluster. Individual nodes are not used by this extension, but may be required by other extensions for doing tasks that can't be scheduled as jobs (for example, parsing out data from result files that should be stored in BASE). The list of nodes that can be used for this is configured here simply as a service for other extensions. Typically, one or two nodes can be set aside for this and it is recommended that actions are quick and not too resource consuming. Extensions that require access to nodes should document this requirement. ||
     72|| `<options>` || no || || A list with one or more subtags with options that are custom to a certain type of cluster. See below for a list of currently implemented options.  ||
     75=== Custom options ===
     77|| '''Options''' || '''Cluster type''' || '''Description''' ||
     78|| `<slurm-accounting-disabled>` || Slurm || A flag that can be enabled if the Slurm cluster doesn't have accounting enabled. This affects the ability to find out what has happened to jobs that has ended (either successfully or with an error). When this flag is set, we will try to find out what has happened to a job by writing information to a special status file instead. This method may not work in all cases. For example, if the job is aborted before it has started. ||