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Added information on MeLuDI 1.2.2

Updating to MeLuDI 1.2.2

Updating to MeLuDI 1.2.2 might require some manual changes for items that already exist. This is due to the decision to place DNA extracts on a storage plate, both for input DNA in case registration, and for created DNA extracts in DNA/RNA registration/quantification. The DNA extracts should be placed on a storage plate with name having suffix "_dna". See ticket:767 for more information. Follow this procedure:

1. Preparations for allocating plate positions for DNA extracts.

a. Update to MeLuDI 1.2.2

Among other things, input DNA extracts and DNA extracts created from input specimens will now be allocated wells in DNA storage plates.

b. Create DNA storage plates, if not done previously

Select BASE menu option Biomaterial LIMS -> Bioplates to display a list of bioplates. To create a new plate, click button "New" in the tool bar at the top, to open the "Create bioplate" dialog. DNA storage plates have type "Storage plate", geometry 9 x 9, and have names consisting of "ML_" + four-digit serial number with leading zeroes + suffix "_dna", i.e. the first DNA storage plate is named "ML_0001_dna". Create a sufficient number of DNA storage plates to be able to allocate positions for existing DNA extracts and a reasonable buffer for new ones.

c. Allocate places in DNA storage plates for existing DNA extracts

Since the MeLuDI software allocates a place for a new DNA extract as the first available well after the highest filled position in the DNA storage plates, at least allocate the highest position for existing DNA extracts. This ensures that the software does not allocate a position already used, but not entered into BASE. Positions for other existing DNA extracts can then be added in BASE, when convenient.

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