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First version of the MeLuDI 1.2.1 update notes page.

Updating to MeLuDI 1.2.1

Updating to MeLuDI 1.2.1 requires some manual changes to the items that already exist. This is due to the decision to change storing names of extract source items coupled to a start plate from a list of SourceItemNames string annotations to a single comma-separated list string in a SourceItemNamesListString text annotation. The reason for the change was that there is no guarantee that a retrieved list of annotation values will have the same order of items, as when the list was stored in the database, and a retained order is important in this case. See ticket:759 for more information. Follow this procedure:

1. Changing start plate storage of source item names from a list of SourceItemNames annotations to a SourceItemNamesListString annotation.

a. Update to MeLuDI 1.2.1

Among other things, this will add the SourceItemNamesListString text annotation for bioplates.

b. Copy existing SourceItemNames annotations for each start plate to a comma-separated list string SourceItemNamesListString annotation

  1. Select BASE menu option Biomaterial LIMS -> Bioplates to display a list of bioplates. Find all start plates (items with bioplate type "DNA Reaction plate" and name equal to "LP" + a 5-figure number, that may include leading zeroes).
  2. Select each start plate item in BASE, select tab "Annotations", and in table "Primary annotations", check option "All annotations".
  3. For annotation SourceItemNames, copy the list of comma-separated string values before the colon (the colon should not be included) to the clipboard.
  4. For annotation SourceItemNamesListString, click the "Edit" icon at the right end of the value field, to open an edit dialog window. In the edit dialog, paste the copied comma-separated list string to the value field. Remove leading and trailing white space (white space between the comma-separated values is OK). If needed, change the order of the source item names to the desired order. Click the "Save" button in the edit dialog, to save the new value and close the dialog window.

The values of annotations SourceItemNames and SourceItemNamesListString should now look the same, although the first is a list of several string values, while the other is a single string with comma-separated values. The apparent similarity is a result of the way values are displayed in this table view, and if in doubt, open the edit dialog for an annotation to check the details.

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