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    1919As part of the LIMS procedure, it was decided to store sample data in a database managed by BASE, and which normally was accessed through a BASE extension, named "MeLuDI" after the project. The software did not cover all aspects of the project, it was named after. When the name "MeLuDI" is used in this document without further specification, the reference is to the software. The last software version used for the original MeLuDI project was MeLuDI v1.4.3.
    21 ==== 1.3.1 MeLuDI software 2016- ====
     21==== 1.3.2 MeLuDI software 2016- ====
    2222During fall 2016, a number of research projects at Lund University involved lab work using a workflow very close to the one used for the original MeLuDI project, so it was decided that a modified version of the MeLuDI software was to be used to track samples. MeLuDI was updated to support use in several BASE projects, allowing different items to have project-specific prefixes and number of digits in names, as well as project-specific default values for a number of items. Created documents like dilution protocols and statistics reports were updated to include the name of the active project. Together with other updates intended to support more flexibility in the workflow, the updated software was released as MeLuDI v1.5.0.