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Deprecating the old plug-in examples

This package has been deprecated

Since BASE 3, the plug-in examples are now included in the Example code package.

Plug-in examples for BASE 2

This package contains some simple BASE plug-in examples. The target group is developers that want's to create their own plug-ins for BASE 2.


README contains information about this package, how to install it and how to compile it.


GNU General Public License version 2.


Version Revision Date Binary (tar.gz) BASE Version
2.6 649 April 11, 2008 example-plugins-2.6.tar.gz (1.4MB) 2.6.0 or later

Source code can be downloaded from the subversion repository. Use the following command to get source code for the 2.6 version:

svn co plugin-examples-2.6

The latest development (maybe unstable; do not use on a production server) revision can be checked out from the repository using the following command:

svn co plugins-examples-devel

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