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    6060MeLuDI inherited a general interface structure from Reggie. The interface was created with the intention of making access to central functionality as simple as possible.
    62 === 2.1 Start page (index page) and some key components ===
     62=== 2.1 Start (index) page and some key components ===
     64 [[Image(MeLuDI_001_index_page_SMIL_01_with_key_elements_numbered_80_pct.png)]]
     66 1. BASE main menu (Note! Not to be confused with the web browser menu at the top).
     67 2. BASE project menu (the image shows project "SMIL" as active project).
     68 3. BASE Extensions menu. This is the menu where extension "MeLuDI" is selected.
     69 4. Name of active project (here: "SMIL").
     70 5. BASE extension name; also works as quick link to the start (index) page, i.e. the shown page.
     71 6. Link to a MeLuDI web page, e.g. a wizard.
     72 7. A counter, showing the number of items in queue (optionally) for a wizard.
     74==== 2.1.1 User permissions and shown sections on the start (index) page ====
     76The example start page above shows five sections:
     77 a. Sample processing wizards
     78 b. Library preparation wizards
     79 c. Server administrator wizards
     80 d. Personal information wizards
     81 e. Statistics and reporting wizards
     83The number of shown sections on the start page depends on the permissions of the logged-in user, as only sections the user is allowed to use are shown. The example above shows all sections, as the logged-in user is `root`, i.e. system administrator. The "Server administrator wizards" section is only visible for a system administrator, and the "Personal information wizards" section is only visible for a system administrator and users belonging to the `PatientCurator` group.
     85=== 2.2 Wizard page key elements ===
    6687Below is a description of some of the key elements, that are components of most of the wizards.
     89==== 2.2.2 User permissions and wizards and results pages ====