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Welcome to BASE plugin development site

The new plugin page is now up and running. Well, the first version anyway. We have made a lot of thinking to ensure that a hardware crash won't cause such a problem again. The most obviouse is backup. We have that now ... But we didn't want to stop there? If we are going to recreate the plugin site, is there anything we can do to make the site more useful to developers and users? Yes there is and the answer is version control and bug tracking.

The bugtracking system that we decided to use is called Trac. It allows any base user to submit a bug report or suggest a new function to a plugin. Choose New Ticket and follow the instructions.

To support plugin development we use subversion. Everyone is allowed anonymous checkout of the plugins avalible and a plugin developer can be given commit access to a specified place in the repository.

We haven't created a simplified way to download distributions of a plugin yet. To retrive the plugins in the repository download and install subversion then use this command to checkout the plugins.

svn checkout

We will also create a page were we can present documentations for the plugins in the database.

/Johan Enell (johan dot enell at onk dot lu dot se)