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    66Design update:
    8  1. Javascript file `select_dna_for_start_plate.js` in `resources/libprep/` updated:[[BR]]a.
     8 1. JSP file `select_dna_for_start_plate.jsp` in `resources/libprep/` updated.[[BR]]a. Form tag added with action "`libprep_diltion_protocol2.jsp`" and method "`post`", id "`wizard`", and class "`wizard`".[[BR]]b. New hidden input fields added for id, submit info, and number of items. Navigation table updated by adding button for creating library preparation dilution protocol. The button is coupled to id "`gocreate`".
     9 2. Javascript file `select_dna_for_start_plate.js` in `resources/libprep/` updated:[[BR]]a. Function `initPage()` updated with event handler for button for creating a dilution protocol. The event handler couples the button to new function `createProtocol()`.[[BR]]b. Step initialization functions updated to hide the button for creating a dilution protocol, until the last fourth step.[[BR]]c. New function `createProtocol()` added. It obtains information on DNA aliquots allocated for reserved wells of the current start plate, adds data for well position to the JSONObject representing the aliquot, and submits a JSONArray of the extract items together with other JSON data (including start plate name and current date) to new JSP file `libprep_dilution_protocol2.jsp` by calling `frm.submit()`.[[BR]]d. New convenience function `wellRowColumnToWellStr(row, column)` added. It returns a well string (row letter + column number, 1-based) for an 8x12 plate from row and column indices.[[BR]]e. New convenience function `formatDate(date)` added. It returns a date object as a date string in format "yyyy-mm-dd".[[BR]]f. Function `getWellText(well)` updated to use new dilution volumes, and to store dilution data needed for the dilution protocol in the JSONObject for the extract in each well.