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    33 * In order to allow entry of data into the database as soon as possible, it was decided to make a working version available for installation on a server, as soon as some key steps had been included.
    5 The first version (!MeluDi 1.0-a01) will include the following wizards/functionality:
    7  1. Installation wizard.[[BR]]a. Check that annotation types and other items used by !MeLuDi exists in BASE.[[BR]]b. Create missing items.
    8  2. Case registration.[[BR]]a. Register new cases without patient info.
    9  3. Pathology referral form registration.[[BR]]a. Register new cases and patients.[[BR]]b. Update existing cases with patient info.
    10  4. Case summary.[[BR]]a. Gives a summary of item data related to a case. Patient data for the case can also be inspected by users having the "`Curator`" role.
    11  5. Sample source report.[[BR]]a. Sample count report.[[BR]]b. Patient count report.[[BR]]c. Overview report.[[BR]]d. Missing sample data report.
    13 All wizards have counterparts in Reggie:
    14  1. The !MeLuDi installation wizard is basically just a modified version adapted to variables relevant here.
    15  2. Case registration takes the following input:[[BR]]a. Case name.[[BR]]b. Number of tubes.[[BR]]c. Arrival date.[[BR]]d. Sampling date.[[BR]]e. Mutation analysis.[[BR]]f. Site.[[BR]]g. Sample type.[[BR]]h. Project focus.[[BR]]i. Other path note.[[BR]]Input for each specimen tube:[[BR]]j. Storage box, row, column. Values are suggested by the program. Note! Not used for the first specimen, since all amount is expected to be used for analysis.[[BR]]k. Operator delivery comment.
    16  3. Personal information registration takes the following input:[[BR]]a. Personal number.[[BR]]b. Family name.[[BR]]c. All first names.[[BR]]d. PL-number.[[BR]]e. PAD/CL (Patho-Anatomical Diagnosis or cytology number).
    17  4. Case summary has been adapted to variables used in !MeLuDi.
    18  5. Sample source reports are simplified and more or less adapted versions of Reggie couterparts:[[BR]]a. Sample count report: Number of specimens per time interval from the various sites for a chosen time period. Has a project focus filter with value "None", "Melanoma", "Lung cancer", and "unknown".[[BR]]b. Patient count report shows the number of patients per time interval from the various sites for a chosen time period.[[BR]]c. Overview report contains two tables showing data for each site for a chosen time period; one shows number of patients and specimens and the other number of patients having 1, 2, or more specimens. Has a project focus filter with value "None", "Melanoma", "Lung cancer", and "unknown".[[BR]]d. Missing sample data report shows number of specimens for each site missing patient, patient name, PAD reference, or sampling data. Has a project focus filter with value "None", "Melanoma", "Lung cancer", and "unknown".
     4 * The first version of !MeLuDi will be based on Reggie v.2.17.
     5 * Development of !MeLuDi will be performed with possible inclusion of future Reggie updates in mind, but there is no guarantee that the latter will be included in !MeLuDi.