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  • Ticket #528

    • Property Summary Add more user roles to ReggieRestrict access to some registation wizards
    • Property Milestone Reggie v2.xReggie v2.14
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    initial v2  
    11There are currently 3 roles in reggie: admin, patient curator and all others. With few exceptions all users have access to the majority of the registration wizards. It would be useful to restrict access to some of the other wizards as well. This should be fairly easy to implement once it has been decided what additional roles that are needed and what wizards they should have access to.
     3We should add the following new "Roles"
     5 * SamplePrep: Access to "Sample processing wizards" except "Histology" which is moved to it's own box
     6 * Histology: Access to the Histology wizards
     7 * LibraryPrep: Access to "Library preparation wizards" except "Create new mRNA plate"
     8 * LibraryPlateDesigner: Access to the "Create new mRNA plate" wizard
     9 * SecondaryAnalysis: Access to the new "Secondary analysis" section that is introduced in #533 (Reggie 2.15)
     11For the new roles we keep the interface as it is, and only disable the links. This is different from the current way of hiding sections if a user is not "Administrator" or "PatientCurator".