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Dec 13, 2012, 9:33:15 AM (11 years ago)

Updated ticket description regarding calculation of percentage values in table two.


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    44 1. The second table should still include a column with missing consents, but the table title should be clarified to read "# Consent forms of different types for cases and blood samples with unknown consent date, as well as items with missing consents".
    55 1. The "Total" column should never include missing consents.
     6 1. The percentage values in the second table for consents with unknown date and missing consents should now be based on the values in the "Sum" column of that table, i.e. the percentage values in table two should add to 100% in each row (allowing for rounding errors). Originally, the idea was that the percentage values in each row in table two should add to the percentage value for the same row in column "Unknown date" in table one, but since missing consents now are excluded from the latter column, this design is no longer useful.
    67 1. The number of missing consents for all sites should be shown in the comments section under the second table, with a note that these items are not included in the "Total" column.