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    1111 * The original wizard starts from input of case name and personal number, while the new starts from RCCID number and personal number.
    1212 * When a valid RCCID number has been entered, the new wizard checks if a blood sample has already been registered with an RCCID number annotation having the same integer part as the input RCCID, i.e. ignoring the time period suffix letter 'B', 'C', or 'D'. If a blood sample is found, the patient and personal number is obtained from the sample, otherwise input of the personal number is necessary.
     13 * The new wizard finds all case items (0, 1, or 2) for the patient. At least one case item is required to continue. If a single case is found, the personal data and case name is shown, and the the wizard continues to the blood sample input part. If more than one case is found, the user may select one of them from a pop-up menu. To guide the user, each case should be presented with its operation date(s) (sampling date for specimen or "no specimen"), and information whether follow-up blood samples, other blood samples, or no blood samples exist for the case.
     14 * When a case has been selected, the new wizard should show the blood sample input part. If a follow-up blood sample has already been registered for the complete RCCID number, the data for that sample is pre-loaded, and the form allows the user to update the data. The data that may be entered/updated are sampling and freezer date/time, and a comment. The `BLOOD_SERUM` annotation is always `true` for follow-up blood samples, and the `BLOOD_SAMPLE` annotation is set to `FollowUp06`, `FollowUp12`, or `FollowUp36` based on whether the RCCID suffix letter is 'B', 'C', or 'D', respectively.