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    55 * Java data access object `` in `reggie/src/net/sf/basedb/reggie/dao/` and servlet `` in `reggie/src/net/sf/basedb/reggie/servlet/` will be updated to support new string annotation type `BLOOD_RCCIDNUMBER`, and allow existing string annotation type `BLOOD_SAMPLE` to have new values `FollowUp06`, `FollowUp12`, and `FollowUp36`.
    66 * Java data access object `` in `reggie/src/net/sf/basedb/reggie/dao/` will be updated with two new public static methods, `Blood findByRccidNumber(DbControl dc, String name)` and `List<Blood> findAllByBaseRccidNumber(DbControl dc, String name)`. They will find blood samples from information stored in the new string annotation type `BLOOD_RCCIDNUMBER`.
     8Differences between the wizards for registration of standard and follow-up blood samples:
     10 * The original wizard allowed registration of new patients, while the new requires that a patient has already been registered.
     11 * The original wizard starts from input of case name and personal number, while the new starts from RCCID number and personal number.
     12 * When a valid RCCID number has been entered, the new wizard checks if a blood sample has already been registered with an RCCID number annotation having the same integer part as the input RCCID, i.e. ignoring the time period suffix letter 'B', 'C', or 'D'. If a blood sample is found, the patient and personal number is obtained from the the sample, otherwise input of the personal number is necessary.