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    11Design discussion regarding case numbers:
     3The SCAN-B project allows blood samples to be registered without a case existing for the patient. However, referral forms for follow-up blood samples are only sent to patients, who have undergone breast cancer surgery, which implies that a case item has been created in the SCAN-B database. In the following will therefore be assumed, that at least one case item exists for a patient.
    35Previously a blood sample has been registered as a new 'Sample' with 'Blood' as it's subtype, with name equal to the case number + '.b' as suffix (see Ticket #350, "Blood referral form registration wizard" for details). In order to use this scheme for follow-up blood samples, a case must be found for the sample. A problem is that sometimes a patient has been operated for cancer in both breasts some time apart, leading to one patient having two case numbers (if the cancer was bi-lateral, and both breasts were operated at the same time, two case numbers are still used, one for each specimen, but a blood sample is only named for one of them).